Toaplan Titles Coming to Console

M2 have announced that nearly all of TOAPLAN‘s arcade games are being ported to console and are aiming for 2020 release for the first batch of titles. The full list of Toaplan developed arcade games likely coming to console are Mahjong King, Performan, Mahjong Mania, Tiger-Heli. Get Star, Slap Fight, Flying Shark, Wardner, Twin Cobra, Rally Bike, Truxton, Hellfire, Twin Hawk, Zero Wing, Demon’s World, Fire Shark, Out Zone, Snow Bros., Mucha Aleste, Vimana, Teki Paki, Pipi & Bibi’s, Ghox, Dogyuun, Truxton 2, Fix Eight, Grindstormer, Knuckle Bash, Batsugun, and Snow Bros. 2. Mahjong Sisters and Enma Daiou will both unlikely be ported. Toaplan filed for bankruptcy in 1994. Many thanks to Naruki and The Toaplan Museum.

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