Animal Crossing Jump Festa Details

Nintendo have announced further details of Animal Crossing: New Horizons briefing at Jump Festa ’20 later this month with a lottery for an Animal Crossing towel, photo opportunities with Tom, Tommy, & Timmy Nook, plus a stage show where Jump voice actors play Nintendo Switch games! Read the full translation below thanks to BlackKite, plus images from Nintendo Live 2019..

Jump Festa ’20

Tanuki Development will hold an explanation meeting at Jump Festa!

To everyone who is thinking of migrating to the uninhabited island where the newest title Animal Crossing: New Horizons will take place in, we will explain the flow until you begin your life there, the appeals of living in an uninhabited island, and more.

・Real equipment!? You can imagine activities in the island!

・A major lottery will be held where visitors can win a special towel!

・You can take a 2-shot photo with Tanukichi (Tom Nook), Tsubukichi (Tommy), and Mamekichi (Timmy)!

Other than that, there will also be a stage show where popular voice actors who performed in Jump titles will try out Nintendo Switch games!

Nintendo Live 2019

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