Super Mario Home & Party Goods

Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. have just released the second wave of Super Mario Home & Party Goods in Japan. The goods include mug covers, muffin cups. tumbler with straw, silicone coaster, silicone tray set, apron, oven mitt and pot stand, and tablecloths. Full item list pictured below. Check out the first wave here.

Mug Covers (Mario & Luigi)

Muffin Cups (Warp Pipe with Mario & Luigi)

Muffin Cups (? Block with Super Mushroom & 1UP Mushroom)

Tumbler with Straw (Underwater Level)

Tumbler with Straw (Bowser’s Castle)

Silicone Coaster (? Block & Brick Block)

Silicone Tray Set (Piranha Plant & Warp Pipe)

Apron (Underground Warp Zone)

Kids Apron (Overground Warp Zone)

Oven Mitt and Pot Stand (Green Yoshi)

Oven Mitt and Pot Stand (Blue Yoshi)

Tablecloth (8-bit Blue)

Tablecloth (8-bit Yellow)

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