Get New Animal Maps Using Gulliver’s Ship!

New animals are now available using Gulliver’s Ship in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp including Jeremiah, Olivia, Yuka, Drift, Cleo, Boris, Cole, Tammy, Queenie, and Gloria. All animals pictured below…

The only thing I like better than swimming is sleeping, nee-deep.

Here I am, and not a moment too soon! Ready to liven things up, purrr?

What luck that my travels have taken me here, tsk tsk.

Yo! You ready to work up a sweat, brah?

The forest air is simply marvelous, sugar!

Yo! How about we kick back and I regale you with some of my adventures, schnort?

When I see butterflies…for some reason, I get sleepy, duuude.

I always give it 1,000 percent, ya heard!

Now that I’m here, I may as well take a nap, chicken.

The island at night is simply dazzling, quacker!

· You can get animal maps via souvenirs from exporting to specific islands in Gulliver’s Ship.
· You can also meet animals by exploring and completing animal maps in Blathers’s Treasure Trek.

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