Kirby Café Tokyo Reservations Open

Reservations are now open for the Kirby Café TOKYO which is set to open permanently on the second floor of Tokyo Solamachi from 12 December. Go here to reserve your place! Pictures, details , and Grand Opening Story video added below…

A new Kirby Café watched by Whispy Woods

The Kirby Café Tokyo will have a Whispy Woods theme with an arranged BGM featuring 15 songs playing in the background added for this permanent opening!

Introducing part of the menu

Four types of Kirby Café Authentic Kiln Pizza have been added to the menu.

Next is dessert with Kirby’s Fluffy Pancake which has a cute finish that makes it a bit of a shame to eat!

And the Sakusaku ☆ Warp Star Apple Pie which comes with a ceramic Kirby, Waddle Dee, or Chef Kawasaki mascot!

And now onto drinks with Green Greens which is a drink inspired by the grassy stage of Kirby!

Kirby Café Limited Goods

Introducing Kirby Café version of Kirby and Waddle Dee limited goods sold from the opening day.

Plush Kirby (L) / Waddle Dee (L)

Soft Vinyl Collection Kirby / Waddle Dee

Mokomoko Pouch Kirby / Waddle Dee

Grand Opening Story

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