Nintendo Apply For Nintendo Switch And Joy-Con Plurality Patent

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a new “Information processing” patent (特開2019-197585) in Japan. The patent aims to allow an information processing device (a Nintendo Switch is depicted throughout the application) to be used in a plurality of modes by using a main body device including a display, and attachable / detachable operation devices (Joy-Con) with the Switch operational with Joy-Con either attached or detached.

Whilst similar to another recent patent, this application makes reference to a 2011 patent (特開2011-108256) which aimed to reduce discomfort to users and depicted a Nintendo 3DS in switching between viewing the LCD screen in regular planar and in stereoscopic 3D displays. Please note this is just a brief summary of a 92 page PDF. Select images from both the new Nintendo Switch and prior Nintendo 3DS applications added below. Thanks to J-PlatPat.



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