The Legend of Dark Witch Updated

Inside System have updated The Legend of Dark Witch (known as “Majin Shoujo -Chronicle 2D ACT-” in Japan) to Version 1.0.3 which fixes many bugs detailed in the patch notes below, translated for us by BlackKite.

[Issues fixed in Ver.1.0.3]

・Record amount was not displayed correctly

・When Riva’s boss arrange is turned ON, the Sword Rain behavior would end up becoming random

・Was able to install Guard even when you hadn’t obtained Guard yet

・Jumping when you cancelled from Pause & Skill menus

・In Sound Test, when returning from Voice or Sound Effect tabs, if you choose the Old Version it would play something that’s not a BGM

・Riva’s position after blocking was a bit off

・Selecting ‘New: Another Colour’ would change the colour of the boss character

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