Makiko Ohmoto Talks About Voicing Kirby Terry

Japanese voice actress Makiko Ohmoto, more commonly known for Kirby, wasn’t told who she was voicing when she recorded the voice for Kirby Terry* in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate although she worked it out due to having played Fatal Fury with her younger brother! Check out the full translated blogpost below as translated for us by BlackKite.

Terry Kirby

So Terry participated in Super Smash Bros. I almost never play fighting games; I only played two of them: Street Fighter 2 and Fatal Fury, when I played it together with my younger brother who really enjoys them.

During the recording, they would always say “This is a character from a certain game” without actually telling me the actual title, but I remember hearing these quotes very much.

So when I asked,
“Is this Fatal Fury?”
“Oops! It got spoiled. That’s right.”
“Is this Terry Bogard?”
“That’s right, that’s right.”

Yaaaay!! It’s Terry! And thus personally, my tension went up so much. I tried to imitate something like native English. Was that how his voice [sounded like] at that time?

Screaming the very famous finisher attack quotes of protagonists from games I played in the past, like SF2, Garou, and also Dragon Quest, is a really pleasant thing.

Recalling those memories is so fun. The people who created them should have had even more fun.

I just watched the video right now. Sakurai-san… he created over 20 models… He also included 50 songs… He always throws the ball with all his might in order to make everyone pleased the most as always, that’s really great indeed!

And Terry is cool~ If I can use him it’s going to be so much fun~ But it might look difficult Dear all veterans, please handle him well.

I also wanted to say ‘Burn Knuckle!’

* I assumed Ohmoto voiced Terry Bogard from her blogpost, as she doesn’t make it explicitly clear. It now appears she likely only voiced Kirby Terry. Takashi Kondo is listed as voicing Terry Bogard. Thanks to PushDustIn and Joseph R.

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