Nintendo Apply For Mario Kart Tour Patents

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for two new “Information processing” patents (特開2019-193741 and 特開2019-193742) in Japan, both related to Mario Kart Tour. 193741 aims to improve interest in handling a game item owned by a user (this patent is also an appendage to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which is referenced at this external link) with the former game adopting up to three items at once, the ‘Fever’ mode, and so-forth.

193742 aims to enhance motivation for acquiring a price and a charging item available in a game (this patent aims to improve the Mario Kart 7 system which is referenced at this external link – please note that this link now redirects to the Mario Kart 7 website and not the ‘Karts’ page as intended), by the correlation between obtaining machine parts (karts and gliders) and from the in-game items (such as in the ‘Special Skills’ of the machine parts etc).

Please note these are just brief summaries of 54 page and 51 page PDFs, intended as a brief insight into the applications and thereby not necessarily indicative of the patents as a whole. Select images that are used in both applications added below. Thanks to J-PlatPat.

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