New Heroes (Desert Mercenaries)

New Heroes have joined the battle in Fire Emblem Heroes with Tethys: Beloved Dancer, Gerik: Desert Tiger, Ewan: Eager Student, Ephraim: Dynastic Duo, and Ross: His Father’s Son all arriving for a new Summoning Event, Log-In Bonus, and New Story Chapter, Marvelous Dream. Event details, official artwork, and introduction video added below…

New Heroes: Desert Mercenaries

Ephraim: Dynastic Duo, Gerik: Desert Tiger, Ewan: Eager Student, and Tethys: Beloved Dancer from the Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones game have appeared as New Heroes! Duo Hero Ephraim: Dynastic Duo is a new Hero limited to this summoning event only!

There are new story maps in Book III, Chapter 13: Marvelous Dream, limited-time quests, and a Log-In Bonus where you can get Orbs! Note: From this summoning event on, New Hero Ross: His Father’s Son will appear as a 3★ and 4★ Hero. See the in-game notification for more info.

Tethys: Beloved Dancer
Gerik: Desert Tiger
Ewan: Eager Student
Ephraim: Dynastic Duo
Ross: His Father’s Son

Forging Bonds: Mercenary Matters

Forging Bonds: Mercenary Matters is here! Grow close to the event Heroes to get accessories, First Summon Tickets, and a conversation featuring Ephraim (with Lyon), Tethys, and more! You can also earn 2 Orbs once per day for up to 7 days.

Please note a change from the last event: Arrows indicating which event characters have a boosted chance to gain friendship have been added to the Forging Bonds screens.

Special Orb Promo: November

In the November edition of the Special Orb Promo that can be purchased once per month, you can purchase 21 Orbs and get 60 Sacred Coins as an additional bonus gift! You can check out the offers by visiting the Shop menu.

New Tactics Drills!

A new map, Flooded with Support, is now available in Tactics Drills: Grandmaster! Check it out in Story Maps to test your skills! (You must complete Book I, Chapter 13 of the main story to take on Grandmaster maps.)

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