Summon Showcase, Stirring Shadows (Part Two)

The new Summon Showcase, Stirring Shadows (Part Two), has begun in Dragalia Lost! Appearance rates for featured adventurers and dragons will be boosted during this showcase! Chapters three and four were also added to the Stirring Shadows story event. Get a closer look at the newly featured adventurer Akasha and dragon Hastur below along with the event trailer.

Featured adventurer:

A beautiful priestess of the Church-of-All,which worships the Ancient One. Though tolerant and affectionate, her eyes glow with a bewitching light, as if gazing upon a different world.She has a tendency to lead people astray.

Featured dragon:

A dragon who controls the denizens of a remote border village. He is said to grant the blessing of immortality to those who truly seek it, but the truth of this remains unknown. He seeks a key that will open a gate leading to the Ancient One.

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