New Event Items Available for Reissue Crafting!

As part of limited-time reissue crafting, tons of items from past events are back in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp from 03-09 November with more to follow after! Check out the full list below along with details of the special Reissue Rally Goals and Packs…

■ First Anniversary Memories
· Garden Event: Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project
· Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt: First Anniversary
· Fishing Tourney: First Anniversary

■ Seasonal Memories
· Anniversary Celebration
· Toy Day Decor
· Chilly Jamboree
· Candy Cluster Muster
· Shamrock Shimmy
· A Blooming Announcement
· Feather Fury

· Garden Event: Rover’s Garden Safari
· Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt: Look-Alike
· Garden Event: Zipper’s Wonderland Event
· Bunny Day Egg Hunt
· Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt: Gyroidite Collection
· Fishing Tourney: Schoolroom

New Goals Now Available!

Right now in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game, there are new items available for reissue crafting to celebrate our second anniversary!

Also, some special Reissue Rally Goals are here!

By completing these goals, you can get lots of Bells, reissue material, and sparkle stones, which will come in handy for reissue crafting!

During the event period, you can complete some goals just by visiting your campsite every day! Don’t miss out!

Reissue Rally Pack Regular Now Available!

Reissue Rally Pack Regular is now available!

This pack comes with the bonus item reissue material, which you can use for Reissue Crafting!

Reissue Rally Pack Regular

Leaf Ticket × 70 (60+10 bonus)

Bonus Items:

reissue material × 5

Note: Limited to three purchases per person.

Reissue Rally Pack Deluxe

Leaf Ticket × 425 (317+108 bonus)

Bonus Items

reissue material × 10

Note: Limited to ten purchases per person.

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