Isabelle’s Double Dazzle On Now!

The Isabelle’s Double Dazzle garden event is on now in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Collect the rare creatures that are attracted to seasonal plants and give them to Isabelle! She’ll trade you limited-time event items based on how many rare creatures you give her! If you complete all the tasks, you may receive a special surprise! More new events detailed below…

Pop Quiz: Anniversary Party

Test your interior design skills at Happy Homeroom!

Pop Quiz: Anniversary Party is now available!

New Terrain Options!

The new Regal Garden terrain options are now available to use when customizing your campsite!

These would go perfectly with items from Isabelle’s Double Dazzle! Transform your campsite into a lovely castle grounds with blue roses blooming everywhere!

■ Sky
· confetti sky

■ Middle Ground
· regal garden (middle)

■ Foreground
· regal garden (fore)

■ Fence
· regal garden fence

New Cookie Available!

A new type of fortune cookie is now in stock at the Fortune Cookie Shop!

Introducing Skye’s lavish ball cookie!

Your animal friends will waltz in a dazzling ballroom!

Don’t forget to drop by Happy Homeroom if you want to try out the event classes for this cookie!

Spotlight Furniture

The featured furniture item is the striking clock balcony!

By getting this item, you can view a special memory starring Skye and friends!

Skye and Peanut are going to a ball for the first time.
A fairy has cast a spell on them, but…

Item List

■ Items in Skye’s lavish ball cookie

striking clock balcony

lavish carriage couch

glass-slipper stand

light-blue dance floor

deep-blue dance floor

lavish blue column

lavish flower stand

lavish hair clip

lavish ball gown

lavish ball jacket

We’re showcasing all the items in the new fortune cookie in a video!

The Royal Party Collection Is Here!

The Royal Party Collection has been added for a limited time!

Party like a monarch in these majestic outfits!

In addition to formal wear like dresses and tuxedos, this collection also has floating royal crystals! Check out the other new accessories as well!

■ Royal Party Collection

pink royal rose gown

red royal rose gown

gold royal ribbon gown

blue royal ribbon gown

black royal tuxedo

blue royal tuxedo

ruby-studded tiara wig

sapphire-studded tiara wig

black royal crown

blue royal crown

floating royal crystals

white lace sash bow

pink royal slippers

blue royal slippers

red royal slippers

Why not have a party wearing fashion that makes you feel luxurious?

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