Shigeru Miyamoto Recognised as Person of Cultural Merit

Nintendo Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto is now officially recognised as “Person of Cultural Merit” in Japan. Miyamoto was the main person behind Donkey Kong in 1981 and Super Mario Bros. in 1985 and is presently involved with both Super Nintendo World, which opens at Universal Studios Japan in 2020, and the Super Mario movie, which opens in 2022. Via Nikkei. Full Nikkei article translated for us below by BlackKite.

“The day has come for games to become Japanese culture.” His expressions looked a bit embarrassed when he was chosen. The father who gave birth to Mario, whom people around the world from children to adults have been enthusiastic about. He built the foundation to the great gaming country Japan.

His childhood dream was to be a mangaka artist. After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, he entered Nintendo and worked in game production. He launched worldwide hit titles in succession, such as Donkey Kong which he worked on in 1981 -his 5th year in the office- and Super Mario Brothers, the software for Family Computer released in ’85.

He developed games with an aim to make them enjoyable by a crowd [so that they’ll say things like] “Let’s do this the next time” and “If I were you I would do this”. It’s exactly because he did not conform to Tokyo’s trends as a Kyoto veteran, it was also accepted widely in the West, and the world became addicted to it in the blink of time.

“I want to make the world smile with new things.” In 2020, a Nintendo area will be made in Universal Studios Japan, and he’s also aiming to publish a Mario movie in ’22. His objective is Mickey Mouse, which he really likes. “I wonder if they [Mario & Mickey] will be able to stand alongside each other in the years to come.” There are still no signs of him getting into the defense. (Nintendo Representative Director Fellow, 66 years old)

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