Halloween Tour Now Available!

The Halloween Tour has now begun in Mario Kart Tour and adds several new characters including Luigi, King Boo, Waluigi, Baby Luigi, Rosalina (Halloween), and King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion). New courses include Luigi’s Mansion (DS) and Waluigi Pinball (DS), with the Dry Bones Cup as the ranked cup.

The spotlight kart is Trickster and spotlight glider Wicked Wings. The featured tour gift is Bowser with Peachette for Gold Pass subscribers. A Luigi Pack is available for ¥2,440 with 45 Rubies. A Donkey Kong Pack is available for ¥4,900 with 90 Rubies. Halloween Tour trailer and artwork added below…

Rosalina (Halloween)
King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion)
Baby Luigi
King Boo

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