Ring Fit Adventure Updated

Nintendo have updated Ring Fit Adventure to Version 1.1.0 adding Online Rankings including friend ranking and weekly world ranking, the ability to send and receive gifts to friends, added the Alarm function, plus several bug fixes. Post updated with full patch notes below…

  • Online Features
    • Adds Friends Ranking and Weekly World Ranking in the Quick Play rankings.
    • Adds Everyone’s Records in My Menu for the Adventure and Custom modes, which lets you view Everyone’s Exercise Rankings and Everyone’s Profiles.
    • Adds the Gift to a Friend function to Multitask Mode, which lets you gift the number of presses and pulls you do to your friends.(This data update will be required to receive a gift from friends.)
    • Adds Share Setting for Online Features to Settings in My Menu for the Adventure and Custom modes.
  • Other Features
    • Now supports the Nintendo Switch system Alarm function.
      • Allows alarm settings (day & time) within the Ring Fit Adventure software.
      • Click Set Alarm in the title screen to jump to the setting screen.
    • Adds a new function, Restart the adventure from the beginning, to Settings in My Menu for the Adventure mode.
    • Enables the screenshot-capture function by pressing the R button on the Ring-Con even while My Menu is open.
    • The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.
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