Fire Emblem Heroes Updated

Nintendo have updated the Fire Emblem Heroes game to Version 3.10.0 requiring 92.6 MB (plus 8.3 MB in-app) adding the new Hall of Forms mode, the Field and Dining Hall added to Aether Resorts, the Harvest Party event, and more. Full patch notes added below…

Hall of Forms is coming 10 October! Strategise and guide Forma units through the Hall of Forms. See the in-game notification for more info.

This event’s Forma

  • Alm: Imperial Ascent
  • Celica: Caring Princess
  • Mae: Bundle of Energy
  • Boey: Skillful Survivor

Two new R&R Structures, the Field and Dining Hall, have been added to the Aether Resort. Grow crops and ingredients in your Field, then use what you harvested to cook up some meals in the Dining Hall. You can earn Hero Feathers based on the cumulative rating of your dishes!

A new type of Hero, the Duo Hero, debuts alongside a special type of skill, the Duo Skill. The first Duo Hero makes their debut in the Special Heroes summoning event A Monstrous Harvest starting on 09 October.

New offensive and defensive structures added to Aether Raids If Duo’s Indulgence is placed on a map, the first Duo Skill used between turn 1 and turn X can be used a second time, where X is the structure’s level + 2. (Max of two uses. Only one use per turn.)

If Duo’s Hindrance is placed on a map and a Duo Hero is on your defensive team, your foe cannot use Duo Skills between turn 1 and turn X, where X is the structure’s level + 2.

Aether Resort updates:

  • Up to 12 Heroes may be invited.
  • Three new songs added to the Concert Hall.

New weapon skills and weapon to refine

  • Guardian’s Axe for Hawkeye: Desert Guardian
  • Frederick’s Axe for Frederick: Polite Knight
  • Dignified Bow for Virion: Elite Archer
  • Weirding Tome for Lute: Prodigy

Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

The following Heroes are available to summon using Heroic Grails:

  • Death Knight: The Reaper
  • Sigrun: Loyal Protector
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