Small Weekend Update:Mario Event, Galarian Ponyta, Touhou Sky Arena, Pura-pura Busters, And More News!

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● Just a small weekend update. I’ll update this post with any new news from the next few hours. The lead pic is from the Weekend Spotlight: Mario event in Super Mario Run. Check out the items and appearance rates at this post.

● The 24 hours Glimwood Tangle livestream for Pokémon Sword/Shield ended with what was most likely a Galarian Ponyta. The screen went black to the sound of a Rapidash which may also have been Galarian form. Check out the full list of Pokémon here.

● Mediascape will be publishing the Touhou Project fan game TOUHOU SKY ARENA -MATSURI- CLIMAX for Switch at retail in Japan on 27 February 2020.

Yo-kai Watch 4++‘s multiplayer mode will be called Pura-pura Busters and be 4-player co-op against boss yokai. A Jibanyan & Jinpei Yokai Y Medal with the packaged release will also link the Switch and PS4 versions.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw the return of the Jack’s puppet theater special furniture item for a limited time. Check out images here.

● A new Omega difficulty was added to the Dragalia Lost Raid Event, Fractured Futures.

Fire Emblem Heroes this weekend say an update to Special Maps: Rival Domains, Three Heroes Quests, and Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 18. Full details being added here.

● The Neo Politan introduction video for BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Version 2.0 here.

● And four YouTuber gameplay videos for Yo-kai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch here. Thanks for following and have a great weekend!