Summon Showcase, Fractured Futures!

The new Summon Showcase, Fractured Futures, is on now until 18 October in Dragalia Lost! Appearance rates for featured adventurers and dragons will be boosted during this showcase! New wyrmprints were also added to the Treasure Trade for wyrmprints lineup. Get a closer look at some of the featured adventurers and dragons, and the event trailer below…

Featured adventurers:


A young man from the tribe of the Tutelaries, who served the Alberian royal family by watching over ancient ruins. After losing his parents in childhood, his only remaining relative is a young brother whom he loves with blind devotion.


A former royal court sorceress with a carefree personality who served Aurelius from the time of his childhood in both an official and personal capacity. Her greatest concern is now the prince. While she looks young, she’s actually over 60.

Featured dragon:


One of the six legendary Great wyrms who once accompanied the Founder King. Also known as the Netherwyrm, he wandered the abyss of death after his defeat, but now spreads his wings tostop the Other and fulfill his liege’s dearest wish.

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