Tuesday Update:Metal Max Xeno And Yo-kai Watch 4++ Announced, Switch Update, Nintendo Internships, Plus More News!

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● Kadokawa Games announced a remake of Metal Max Xeno for Switch with METAL MAX Xeno Reborn releasing this winter and a sequel METAL MAX Xeno 2 releasing next year. Another new game METAL MAX CODE ZERO was announced for 2021 which will look back to the Famicom original. No platform was confirmed for Code Zero. Check out the Famitsu scan here.

● The second biggest new story today was Level-5 announcing Yo-kai Watch 4++ for both Switch and PS4 release on 05 December priced at ¥7,128. The game includes the upcoming DLC (which can be purchased for ¥1,650) and adds new areas, monsters, and online multiplayer. Check out the box art here.

● Nintendo updated the Nintendo Switch system to Version 9.0.1 resolving an issue that may have triggered errors during game play, and an issue that may display an instruction to remove the Joy-Con during the initial setup of Nintendo Switch Lite.

● In Pokémon Sword/Shield news from Game Informer: autosave is confirmed and can be switched off, there will be no HMs, EXP share will be no more with all Pokémon receiving equal experience, it will be easier to use your favourite Pokémon competitively, and there will be 18 total gyms across both versions.

Mario Tennis Aces‘ October rewards include Yellow, Red, and Green Chain Chomp Caps, and Blue, Green, and Yellow Shy Guys. Check out the full set of images and reward requirements here.

● Bandai Namco Entertainment will publish Super Robot Taisen X (Super Robot Wars X) for Switch in Japan on 10 January priced at ¥8,360for the regular edition and ¥12,760 for the limited edition. Box art and Famitsu scan posted here.

● Blizzard Entertainment will publish the physical version of Overwatch: Legendary Edition in Japan on 29 November priced at ¥5,478. The digital version releases on 16 October.

● Bandai Namco Entertainment also updated Tsuri Spirits Nintendo Switch Version to Version 1.1.2 adding in button controls for Nintendo Switch Lite users. A future update was also announced which will add a new stage and new fish.

● Check out the awesome box art for the Ninja JaJaMaru Collection here.

● Also check out the box art and contents for the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Set here.

● The PS4 and PC versions of KILL la KILL the GAME IF have been updated to Version 1.0.4 adding Ultimate Double Naked DTR. The Switch update is yet to come. Artwork and introduction video posted here.

● BEIO WOLF’s Dual Blade ~Battle of The Female Ninja~ did not release on the Japanese Switch eShop this week as previously announced. No news on when it will.

● Digital Bards announced 30-in-1 Game Collection Vol. 2 for release on the Japanese Switch eShop over the next few weeks priced at ¥1,500. Introduction video posted here.

● Hamster updated Arcade Archives X Multiply adding in functions for both 30-shot and 60-shot.

● Granzella released a mobile version of Hototogisu Tairan which features cross play with the Nintendo Switch version.

● More eShop games permanently reduced are TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- (¥1,000 to ¥550), TINY METAL (¥2,480 to ¥1,834), and Whip! Whip! (¥1,000 to ¥900).

● Check out this month’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf events, with the Fishing Tourney and Halloween, here.

Dragalia Lost‘s October plans are detailed at this post plus there’s more news of the Mega Man: Chaos Protocol/Rockman: Isekai no Kessen!! event which is scheduled to begin in late November and allows you to add Mega Man to your party.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Voting Gauntlet: Dance Competition! begin with Round 1 seeing Reinhardt vs. Berkut, Shigure vs Inigo, Ishtar vs. Rinea, and Nephenee vs. Olivia. The number of Orbs offered in Japan are also expected to change shortly.

Mario Kart Tour saw an in-app update today adding a Shop button to the main screen, revamped the shop screen, and changed the colour of the Pipe button. A Version 1.0.2 update will release over the next few days just fixing bugs. The All-Cup Ranking is also available.

Super Mario Run will soon see a price increase in Japan although it it still at ¥1,200 at time of posting. The increase is only expected to be slight, due to the country’s consumption tax increase.

● Nintendo announced one-day internships in Kyoto for both game development (22 November and 17 December) and system development (13 and 20 December). The game development course will have a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild theme with some of the game’s developers on hand.

● Nintendo also revealed the playable games at Nintendo Live 2019 on 13-14 October, also in Kyoto, with Ring Fit Adventure, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Brain Training, Nintendo Labo VR Kit, and Splatoon 2.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. stock increased today by +900 (2.25%) in Japan to close trading for the day at 40,920.00 JPY.

Monolith Soft opened up a 20th Anniversary here with some wallpaper and a message from developer Hirohide Sugiura.

● Watch a long promo video for MODEL Debut #nicola here.

● All four high-school introduction videos for River City Melee Mach!! adding in the All America team here.

● The announcement trailer for Override: Mech City Brawl – Super Charged Mega Edition here.

● And an “All The Fun” trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 here.

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