Gala Dragalia On Now!

The Gala Dragalia has begun in Dragalia Lost, Gala Prince will be featured from 27 September – 02 October. Additionally, past Gala Dragalia adventurers (Gala Cleo, Gala Mym, Gala Ranzal, and Gala Sarisse) will be featured from 02 – 04 October. The Platinum Showcase guarantees that one of the 5★ Gala Dragalia adventurers will appear. Adventurers detailed below along with the event’s trailer and the 1st Anniversary TV commercial…

5★ adventurers:

Gala Prince

The seventh heir of Alberia, with fresh resolve to fight on for Alberius’s will. His kindness and bravery have attracted many allies to his side,and he will turn these bonds into strength that surpass all legend.

Gala Cleo

After discovering an ancient wand in the castle, Cleo has gained new power and taken her place on the front lines. Her tactical acumen more than makes up for her questionable stamina, and she intends to do much more than heal the wounded.

Gala Mym

The Flamewyrm Brunhilda, who assumed a human form to be closer to her darling, the prince. Her love knows no bounds,and burns hotter than even her own fierce blazes.

Gala Ranzal

Ranzal has been appointed a commander in the New Alberian army. He wears armor made by his friends, and has traded the axe of his mercenary days for a sword. He’s still as boisterous as ever, but now has the dignity and presence of a leader.

Gala Sarisse

An archer from Woodhaven whose skills are equal to her brother, Luca. Rowdy and loud, her special move is a crushing punch that Luca has experienced more than once. She left her village to fight fiends and provide aid to all in need.

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