Introducing Maple’s Autumn Cookie

A new fortune cookie is coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Maple’s Autumn Cookie available from 16 September. Items include autumn fairy hairpin, thicket of reeds, autumn fairy dress, acorn chair, bright autumn berries, giant cosmos, autumn fairy wings, autumn fairy jar, autumn cookie tin, and the featured tree-stump hideout item. Introduction video added below along with the full item list and special memory starring Maple and friends…

Spotlight Furniture

The featured furniture item is the tree-stump hideout! By getting this item, you can view a special memory starring Maple and friends!

Item List

Items in Maple’s autumn cookie

tree-stump hideout

autumn fairy jar

autumn cookie tin

giant cosmos

autumn fairy wings

thicket of reeds

bright autumn berries

acorn chair

autumn fairy hairpin

autumn fairy dress

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