Experience Before Youth Spirit Event

The Experience Before Youth spirit event is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning this Friday (13 September) and lasting for three days. It’ll see spirits with a few more years under their belt get their spotlight on the Spirit Board! Legend-class spirit Dr. Wily and Ace-Class spirits Garon and Karate Kong will appear at set times. Check out the full list of spirits below…

Dr. Wily
Karate Kong

Dr. Wily, Wily Capsule, Dr. Light, Garon, Karate Kong, Roy Campbell, Vince, Chef (Personal Trainer: Cooking), Old Man Lobber, Medeus, Jagen, Wrinkly Kong, Hsien, Yama, Olaf, Frillard, Wrys, Hongo, and Toadsworth.

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