Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated

Nintendo have updated Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to Version 2.6 requiring 239.5 MB with adjustments to the Gulliver’s Ship feature, Open-Ocean Goals, new Happy Homeroom classes, Market Box changes, new animal maps added to Blathers’s Treasure Trek, plus much more detailed below…

Gulliver’s Ship

Gulliver’s Ship has been updated!

You can export cargo to three islands at the same time!

Different islands are looking for different items. Tap on an island to check what items you’ll be able to send there.

In the new Gulliver’s Ship, you can export lots of different items, including insects, fish, fruit, and cargo, a new kind of item that’s just for exporting!

Load items onto the ship to increase the number of export points. When you’ve added enough export points, you can send off Gulliver’s Ship!

At the end of the ship’s voyage, it will return with souvenirs from the island!

You can also use Leaf Tickets during the voyage to make the ship return right away.

You can take one souvenir from Gulliver’s Ship. If there are multiple souvenirs, you have the option of using Leaf Tickets to get two or more!

If you get all of the souvenirs from an island, you’ll also get a Completion Bonus!

Open-Ocean Goals

Also, to celebrate the update to Gulliver’s Ship, Open-Ocean Goals are now available!

■ Example Goals
· Go to the Gulliver’s Ship island map 1 time.
· Send Gulliver’s Ship out to sea 1 time.
· Receive 1 souvenir shipment using Gulliver’s Ship.

Happy Homeroom

Test your interior design skills at Happy Homeroom! We’ve added new normal classes, all the way through to 13-8!

Market Box Update

■ Purchase Limit Option Added

You can now set a purchase limit for the number of items that each person visiting your Market Box can buy per day.

· Up to 1 item per day!
· Up to 3 items per day!
· No purchase limit!

■ Items You Can Sell in Market Box

The following crafting materials can now be sold in your Market Box.
· wood
· steel
· cotton
· paper
· preserves

Adjustments to Crafting

■ Items That Animals Cannot Wear
· We are lifting the restriction on how many times you can craft items that animals can’t wear. You can now craft them any number of times.

■ Criteria For Number of Items You Can Craft
We have changed the criteria for items with crafting limits.
· Before the update: The limit was based on how many times you had crafted the item.
· After the update: The limit will be based on how many of the item you have in your possession.

Going forward, if you dispose of an applicable item, you will be able to craft it again.

Additional Changes

■ Adjustments to Essence Maps in Blathers’s Treasure Trek
· For essence maps such as the natural essence map, you can now roll the dice using crafting materials like wood rather than Bells.
· We have also adjusted the items you can receive by playing these maps.

■ Along with the changes to Gulliver’s Ship, Isabelle’s Goals have changed.
Removed: 1 goal.
· Give Gulliver furniture or clothing to export.

Added: 9 goals.
· Export X points’ worth of items using Gulliver’s Ship. (7 goals)
· Send Gulliver’s Ship out to sea X times. (2 goals)

■ Friendship Lv. Increase When Giving Snacks
For all snacks except silver treats, the number of Friendship Lv. points received per snack has increased.

■ Catalog Updated
Needed to Unlock sections in the Catalog have been updated for creatures that no longer appear after the update on 20/8/2019.

■ Animals Brought By Gulliver’s Ship
Previously, Gulliver could bring back the animals O’Hare, Rowan, and Plucky. From now on, rather than meeting these animals directly, you may receive animal maps that can be used to meet these animals.

■ Gulliver’s Ship Push Notifications
As part of the update, we have removed push notifications for Gulliver’s Ship. Therefore, in the Push Notifications section of Settings, the ON/OFF option for Gulliver’s Ship has been removed.

■ Other Adjustments

Bug Fixes

■ Additional Fixes for Market Box Issue
Regarding the issue where items already put up for sale appear as empty to other players (originally addressed in Version 2.5.2), the items will now be removed automatically when the Market Box screen is opened, and then they will be sent to your Mailbox.

■ Other Updates

Thank you for your patience during the maintenance period for this update. Please enjoy the following gift!

· Leaf Ticket x 20

New Maps Available!

We’ve added new animal maps to Blathers’s Treasure Trek! This time you’ll have a chance to meet these five animals:

Agent S
Unlockable item: blue corner

Big Top
Unlockable item: neutral corner

Unlockable item: red corner

Unlockable item: luxury car

Unlockable item: bread-making set


With the blue corner and the red corner, the animals will shadowbox!

If you put them together with the neutral corner, other animals can cheer them on! Check it out!

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