Huge Wednesday Update:Rockman & Rockman X Box Set Announced For Japan, Plus Much More News!

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Capcom announced a Rockman & Rockman X 5in1 Special BOX for release in Japan on 19 December priced at ¥10,789 and including both Rockman Collections, both Rockman X Collections, Rockman 11 game and script, and an acrylic art stand. Check out the contents here.

● The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit event is called “Change Your Fate!” where winning any battle on the Spirit Board will net you a Shuffle All time and triple the usual Spirit Points.

● Koei Tecmo Games confirmed that Musou OROCHI 3 Ultimate (Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate) will be coming to Switch in December priced at ¥8,580. Existing owners will be able to purchase an upgrade pack.

● SNK will be publishing Samurai Spirits (Samurai Showdown) for Nintendo Switch on 12 December priced at ¥6,980 or ¥9,180 for a DELUXE PACK. The early purchase benefit will be the Neo Geo Pocket game Samurai Spirits! 2.

● The Samurai Spirits NEOGEO COLLECTION will also be coming to Japan this Winter and includes the first six games (I – V Special) with added online play and Ghost and Museum Modes.

Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection) will release a day later in Japan (23 January) priced at ¥4,309 or ¥12,960 for the limited edition. Check out the box art and contents here.

● YUNUO GAMES will be publishing SYNAPTIC DRIVE worldwide for Switch although there’s no release date. Crossplay is confirmed between the Switch and Steam versions however.

● SAT-BOX announced a Bokura no Keshigomu Otoshi + Sports Set physical release for 21 November in Japan featuring the games Our Flick Erasers, Desktop Soccer, and Desktop Ping Pong.

● Flyhigh Works announced Human Resource Machine Deluxe for physical release on Switch in Japan later this year and containing the games Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans.

● Wonderland Kazakiri announced BQM BlockQuest Maker COMPLETE EDITION for release on Switch on 12 December. It wasn’t specified whether it will be a physical release or digital only.

● The livestream for No More heroes 3 was pretty uneventful although Goichi Suda revealed he is in talks with Marvelous to try and bring the first two games over to Switch, although can’t make any promises. The third game is almost 50% complete and new information will surface towards the end of the year. Kimmy Howell was confirmed to be in the game. View the livestream here.

Toydea are to announce a brand new RPG and a brand new eSports title for release on Switch in February and October 2020 respectively and will be revealing both titles at the Tokyo Game Show in mid-September.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be releasing this December. Flyhigh Works are publishing in Japan. Other announcements from today’s Yacht Club Games Presents livestream included Shovel Knight: King of Cards being finished and the new Shovel Knight Dig. Check out three new trailers (for King of Cards, Showdown, and Dig) here.

● Hamster’s only game this week is the 1984 Nintendo pinball game Arcade Archives PINBALL releasing tomorrow. The 19820 Taito maze game Time Tunnel was also announced for future release with Hamster applying for the Guinees World Record for most consecutive weeks (131) of Nintendo eShop game releases. The Arcade Archives series will also soon increase from ¥823 to ¥838.

● Gemdrops will be publishing the VR game Spice and Wolf VR on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (05 September) priced at ¥2,689 with preloads now live. Check out the Switch version trailer here. Spice and Wolf VR 2nd was also newly announced, although no platforms have been revealed.

● Games that shade dropped on the Japanese Switch eShop today were the party game Brunch Club from Yogscast priced at ¥1,524, the strategy game World W.M.D from Team17 priced at ¥2,750 (trailer posted here), and the visual novel games Koi Shiteshimatta Hoshi no Ouji ~Seigan-in Hen~ (Star-Crossed Myth– The Department of Wishes –) and Koi Shiteshimatta Hoshi no Ouji ~Seisai-in Hen~ (Star-Crossed Myth– The Department of Punishments –) from Voltage with each priced at ¥2,980.

● Today’s Japanese Switch demos included Automachef and a second demo for Ninja Box. Data can be carried over from the Ninja Box demo to the full game.

● Alfa System are teasing a new Nintendo Switch game (images here) and published the OZ DLC for Sisters Royale for ¥300.

● KEMCO will be bringing their latest JRPG Masou no Viator to Switch in 2020. The game is set to launch on iOS and Android in Japan this month. Asdivine Menace will release next week (05 September) priced at ¥1,296. Trailer for Asdivine Menace posted here.

● Taito’s shoot ’em up compilation Darius Cozmic Collection will finally get a digital release next week (05 September) priced at ¥5,616 for the Normal Edition and ¥7,020 for the Consumer Edition.

● MoeNovel will be publishing the visual novel game Kono Oozora ni、Tsubasa wo Hirogete (If My Heart Had Wings) on the Japanese Switch eShop next week where it is now available to preload for ¥2,250. Trailer posted here.

● Chorus Worldwide announced the theme park management tycoon game Megaquarium for Switch release in December along with the adventure game Headliner: NoviNews. The hardcore platformer Never Give Up will also be coming to Switch along with the horror game The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters announced for 2020, and Coffee Talk dated for 30 January 2020. The side-scrolling hack and slash game Dungeon Munchies was also announced for PC and consoles, although Switch wasn’t specified.

● Kairosoft announced the fashion store simulation game Apparel Yohinten (Pocket Clothier) for release on the eShop next week (05 September) priced at ¥1,200 with preloads now live. Introduction video posted here.

● G-mode announced the sequel to the popular mini-game collection Minna de Kuuki Yomi 2 ~Reiwa~ will release on the Japanese Switch eShop on 26 September priced at just ¥500, although you can currently preload it for ¥450.

● TROOZE announced several new Switch ttitles with the ARPG ANIMUS 2 for Fall, the shooter World War Toytoon for Winter, the shooter Zero Hour for Spring, the shooter Zero Hour: Zombie Strike for Winter, and the ARPG Weapon Knight for Spring.

● Madorica Real Estate developers’ Gift Ten Industry announced the party game Shiver Party Pack 11 for release on Nintendo Switch in 2019 and which can be played by sound and vibration alone.

● Shinyuden announced that will be releasing the youkai platform game Rising Dusk this Winter, the arena battle game Attack of the Toy Tanks! in September, the racing game Concept Destruction this Winter, and the RPG Echo Reborn in 2020.

● Techincal Arts announced the VR tennis game CYBER TENNIS for release on Switch this Winter. They didn’t specify whether the game will be compatible with the Labo VR goggles.

● SouthPAW Games announced the roguelite action platformer Skul for release on Switch later this year.

● Soedesco will be publishing the first-person horror game Among the Sleep:Enhanced Edition on the Japanese Switch eShop on 12 September priced at ¥1,900 with preloads now live with a 10% discount (¥1,710).

● Rice Games announced the 2D ARPG platformer Shujinkou which aids learning of Japanese.

● Indienova are publishing the puzzle platformer Candleman on the Japanese Switch eShop on 03 October priced at ¥1,480 with preloads now live.

● Cotton Candy Cyanide announced the science fiction thriller visual novel Quantum Suicide for release on Switch in late 2019.

● Caramel Column announced the adventure game ALTER EGO S for Nintendo Switch release, although no release window at present.

● Starsign will be localising another EnjoyUp Games title next week (05 September) with RALLY ROCK ’N RACING priced at ¥800.

● Atypical Games will be the tank combat game Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop next week (05 September) priced at ¥2,130 with preloads now live.

● This week’s new preloads include NBA 2K20 from Take-Two Interactive Japan for ¥7,560 (you can also preload the Digital Deluxe Edition for ¥10,260 or Legend Edition for ¥13,824), Ninja Box from Bandai Namco Entertainment for ¥5,184, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout fromKoei Tecmo Games for ¥7,581 (or the Digital Deluxe edition for ¥9,774), and Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, also from Bandai Namco Entertainment for ¥6,588.

● Another BQM announcement was BQM BlockQuest Maker + SAMURAI ERA for release on the Japanese Switch eShop on 12 September priced at ¥1,980 (or ¥500 for just the SAMURAI ERA DLC).

● River City Girls is up on the Japanese Switch eShop (although not available to preload at time of posting) priced at ¥3,190 and requiring 3.9 GB. Check out some new screens here.

● Kogado Studio they will be releasing DLC for Yumeutsutsu Re:Master in the near future.

Dragalia Lost saw Hildegarde’s and Prometheus’s limited-time stories were added to the Valentine’s Confections story event revival.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Legendary Hero – Julia: Crusader of Light arrive for a new Summoning Event and Battle. Official artwork and introduction video posted here).

Pokémon Masters is now available on Android devices worldwide with iOS to follow.

Super Mario Maker 2 was the best-selling game in Japan again last week selling a further 22,582 copies ONINAKI opened at #2 and #3 with the PS4 version selling 14,189 and the Switch version selling 12,730. Switch sales dropped to 30,072, although this was to be expected as it’s shortly before the improved battery life model and the reduced price Nintendo Switch Lite. Check out the full top 10 software here.

Weekly Famitsu review scores for Issue No.1604 include DEAD OR SCHOOL with 31/40, Wolfenstein: Youngblood with 31/40, and Feather with 27/40. Check out the full list of review scores here.

Famitsu Digital Estimates for 01-27 July include Fire Emblem: Three Houses with 68,377, Super Mario Maker 2 with 36,749, Human: Fall Flat with 15,137, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with 12,450, and Rune Factory 4 Special with 11,367.

● Also translated from Weekly Famitsu this week are comments from Masahiro Sakurai saying that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation for Hero had a small budget and was largely ad lipped. Read more here.

PLAYISM will exhibit an all new game at the Tokyo Game Show next month, although no indication to title nor platform.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. stock increased today by +100 (0.25%) in Japan to close trading for the day at 40,350.00 JPY.

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King was announced for Switch release on 29 October both physically and digitally and including the Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and Super Game Boy versions of both titles and the SNES version of The Lion King. Watch the trailer here.

● Watch NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time Episode #146 featuring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game, Mechstermination Force, and Nintendo Live here.

● The second promo video for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town here.

● The “Game Cycle” introduction video for DAEMON X MACHINA here.

● A new promo video for Giraffe and Annika here.

● The web commercial for FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered here.

● A promo video for the Iwata-san book here.

● Today’s livestream for Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout which included some Switch gameplay footage here.

● A character introduction video for Kai Mutsumi in Jack Jeanne here.

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