Summon Showcase: Dragon Special!

The next Summon Showcase: Dragon Special begins on 27 August in Dragalia Lost! During this showcase, the appearance rates for featured 4★ and 5★ dragons will be boosted with Appearance Rates Changing. Today sees the Brunhilda’s Trial double drops event, plus a gift of 50,000 eldwater. New appearance rates and featured dragons detailed below…

Appearance Rate Changes

・5★ featured dragons. Before: 1.50% After: 2.40%
・5★ featured adventurers. Before: 0.50% After: 0%
・5★ dragons. Before: 1.25% After: 0.85%
・4★ featured dragons. Before: 5.25% After: 7.00%
・4★ featured adventurers. Before: 1.75% After: 0%

Featured Dragons


A dragon who is at home among darkness and shadow. He fells his foes utilizing an arsenal of unique skills. The first ninjas of Hinomoto are said to have learned their techniques from him.

Konohana Sakuya

A dragon from Hinomoto, clad in flowers.Any who receive her power bloom without limit,but she is said to only bestow it upon those she is sure will not wilt beneath its weight.


A dragon revered in Hinomoto. The lightning surging from his body is recognized as a symbol of power by warriors across the land. Especially famous for his grappling,he’s said to be the founder of sumo.

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