A Crescendo of Courage

A new facility event and Summon Showcase, A Crescendo of Courage (or ‘Melodious Summer♪’ in Japan) is now live in Dragalia Lost along with a daily free summon event. Phraeganoth was also announced for next weekend in Astral Raids. Get a closer look at some of the featured adventurers and dragons below.

Edit: A Crescendo of Courage now live. Light-attuned adventurer upgrade event and the second round of summer packs are also now live with new wyrmprints added to the Treasure Trade for wyrmprints lineup. All players who challenged at least one co-op quest with the “Alliance” room condition set during 29 July-12 August have also been sent Wyrmite x300.

Featured adventurers:


Even the Halidom’s most capable retainer has taken to the beach, and, armed with an umbrella and clad in a lovely swimsuit, she’s as sweet as any summer flower—though she hasn’t fully warmed to her new attire.


Verica has donned a swimsuit and stepped out on to the beach, and her presence is like a cool breeze on the sun-soaked landscape. The eyes of others tend to find their way to her, and if youaren’t careful, she might just capture your heart.

Featured dragon:


The singing dragon is finally able to stand on the stage of her dreams—and with an almost frighteningly beautiful voice, she aims to bring joy to everyone. Her outfit was made by her friends, making her an icon of dragalia.

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