Daily Summoning Event: Heroes with Distant Def

For 21 days straight during Feh’s Summer Celebration in Fire Emblem Heroes, summoning focus events are coming back for 24 hours only! The 10th day’s summoning event is Heroes with Distant Def and features Celica: Caring Princess, Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn, and Rhajat: Black Magician. Weekly Revival 10 detailed below…

Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 10

5★ Heroes who appeared before the start of Book II appear as focus Heroes in this week’s summoning focus revival. 5★ focus Heroes have an initial appearance rate of 4%! The event features Ayra: Astra’s Wielder, Olwen: Blue Mage Knight, and Amelia: Rose of the War.

Lost Lore… Coming Soon!

Lost Lore is coming on 13 August! This is a new event where you work to build the Heroes’ Saga, a collection of tales from the Fire Emblem series! Send Heroes to scout out other worlds in order to recover lore. You can even earn rewards like Orbs and Dragonflowers!

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