Dragon Quest Builders 2 Has Sold 1.1m

Square-Enix have announced that worldwide retail shipments and digital sales for Dragon Quest Builders 2 have exceeded 1.1 million on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Square-Enix also announced that the final free update for the game will add three save slots, an epilogue, eight new hairstyles, items to change the weather, save up to three islands, and more. It will be available 20 August in Japan. Today’s livestream recording added below along with various other videos…

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    1. It’s a Square-Enix announcement for Japan so Nintendo will announce for the west when its ready (probably a delay as the versions released several months apart!)


  1. Is the 1.1m sales covering the period from the Japanese release until now or what timeframe is that? Nintendosoup have ran off with your post and said it’s sales under a month.


    1. It’s from when the Japanese game released (December) until either now or the end of the financial quarter (30 June). I suspect until now.


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