Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Lost Lore Event

The latest Feh Channel broadcast for the Fire Emblem Heroes game with details on Feh’s Summer Celebration with a Log-In Bonus, Celebration Quests, Daily Rewards Maps, Double EXP & SP Event, 21 x Daily Summoning Events, Grand Hero Revival Event, and Summoning Focus: Hero Fest. The Hero Fest features the 5★ Heroes Tibarn, Nailah, Surtr, and Tiki.

A new event called Lost Lore was also announced which sees players try and restore the Heroes’ Saga in a collection of tales fro the Fire Emblem Series. Embark on a journey across the world selecting two Heroes and destination and scout the area. The final step is “Strike” which is a battle with enemies. The event begins on 13 August at 16:00 JST (00:00 PT).

Choose Your Legends: Round 3 will begin in mid-August and feature Camilla: Light of Nohr, Eliwood: Marquess Pherae, Micaiah: Queen of Dawn, and Alm: Imperial Ascent in new special outfits. A Free Summon Event for the four was also announced. Full Feh Channel presentation video added below…

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