Small Weekend Update:Bowser, Mother, Byleth, Splatoon, DOOM, Pikachu, And More News!

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Quiet news weekend. Super Mario Run saw the return of the Weekend Spotlight: Bowser event which includes Bowser’s Fortress, 8-bit Bowser Statue, Bowser Statue, Gold Bowser Statue, and Bowser Wedding Statue as items you can get from Remix 10′s Super Bonus Game.

● The Mother Series 30th Anniversary spirit event is on now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Check out our dedicated post with the full list of available spirits, plus artwork for Legend-class spirits Ninten, Paula, Claus, Jeff, Hinawa, and Ness’s Father here.

● Nintendo of America will remove the voice of Chris Niosi (Byleth) in a future update to Fire Emblem: Three Houses: “After assessing the situation, we decided to re-record the character’s voiceovers in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes with another actor. The new voiceovers will be included in a future patch.” Thanks to GoNintendo.

Splatoon 2‘s 5th Splatoon Koshien will run from October 2019 to April 2020 and will feature 2,048 teams in each of the tournament’s five districts including invitations to select overseas teams. Also announced are online competitions for Winter and Spring and an Ikasu Bunka Matsuri convention at each district event. Check out the new artwork here.

● Bethesda Softworks issued an update on the classic DOOM releases: “The BethesdaNet login requirement was included for the Slayers Club, to reward members for playing the classic DOOM games. The login should be optional, and we are working on changing the requirement to optional now.” Check out gameplay of the first two games courtesy of Impact Game Station here and here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw items from Fishing Tourney #5: Vibrant available for Reissue Crafting with the highlights being the Grand Elephant Statue, and Chip’s Hat and Vest. Check out select images here.

Dragalia Lost saw Astral Raids available for the weekend with the featured boss being Valfarre. More details here.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Summoning Focus: Heroes with Close Def Skills featuring Velouria: Wolf Club, Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord, and Sumia: Maid of Flowers, and an update to Special Maps: Rival Domains where this week, you’ll earn a bonus for defeating foes with infantry allies.

● And Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak applied for a Pikamimi (as ピカみみ) trademark in Japan for Pikachu ear merchandise! Check out the actual application here. Thanks everybody for following and have a great weekend!