Japan’s Favourite Splatoon 2 Weapon is the N-ZAP 85!

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine has a 78 page feature on Splatoon 2 and includes the results of the readers’ favourite weapons. N-ZAP 85 is the most popular with 428 pts (it was also the most popular in the first game), followed by Dapple Dualies with 403 pts, and Splat Roller with 368 pts. Check out more select poll results below…

In other results: 56% of the players identify as male with 44% as female, Inkblot Art Academy is the favourite stage, Burst Bomb is the favourite Sub Weapon, Tenta Missiles is the favourite Special Weapon, 68% prefer TV Mode with 20% Handheld Mode, and just 12% Tabletop Mode, and Off the Hook are the favourite artists with 1,304 pts (narrowly beating the Squid Sisters with 1,275 pts)!

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