New Yo-kai Watch 4 Characters Named

Level-5 have revealed the yokai that are arriving in the Yo-kai Watch 4 Version 1.3.0 update (see this post for more details) including a chubby hamster and a woodcrafted bear! Many thanks to BlackKite for the translated titles and descriptions. Buy the game here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off! Images and descriptions added below.

Hamuhamu / AburaHam

Hamuhamu (light side) / AburaHam (shadow side)

A chubby hamster yokai who really likes fatty food. Note: Hamuhamu is like an onomatopoeia of opening and closing mouth to eat food, while AburaHam is a combination of Abura (oil/tallow) and Ham(ster) as well as a pun on Abraham.

Kiborikkuma / Oniguma

Kiborikkuma (Light Side, lit. Woodcrafted Bear) / Oniguma (Shadow Side, lit. Demon Bear)

A yokai born by inhibiting spirit into a woodcrafted bear.

Other characters / yokai

Pictured (from top to bottom): Hamuhamu, AburaHam, Kiborikkuma, Oniguma, Chokkey, Shiwomaneki, and Kawauso.
Picture (from top left to bottom right): Enma, Nurarihyon, Donyoliene, Honoboono, Kabuto Musou, NinMEN, Sakuranojima, KuwagaTaisho, NetaBalerina, and AsekkaOni.

Full descriptions to follow.

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