Marine Day Update:New Yokai Revealed, Smash Ball Cup, Mario For President, Plus More!

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Small news day due to Umo no Hi (Marine Day) in Japan. Level-5 revealed the free yokai in the Version 1.3.0 updated of Yo-kai Watch 4 including my new favourite chubby hamster Hamuhamu and chubby demon man AsekkaOni! Pictured is the game’s strongest enemy Raidenryu who also arrives next month. Check them all out at this post.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Smash Ball Cup continued today in Tokyo with 3v3 and 1v1 tournaments for children. The awesomely named Masked Cuccos were victorious and will appear in the national finals this October. Check out almost eight hours of gameplay footage here.

Dragalia Lost saw Chapter 9: The Princess’s Party added to the main campaign and Wind and Flame quests added to The Mercurial Gauntlet event.

Fire Emblem Heroes yesterday saw Bound Hero Battle: Morgan & Morgan, Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle with Morgan: Lad from Afar, Morgan: Lass from Afar, and Robin: High Deliverer, Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 6 with Lucina: Brave Princess, Julia: Naga’s Blood, and Lucina: Future Witness, and pre-registration open for Røkkr Sieges. Today saw Summoning Focus: New Power with Matthew: Faithful Spy, Raigh: Dark Child, Roderick: Steady Squire, and Luke: Rowdy Squire.

● And in videos: two new promos for Fushigi no Gensokyo -Lotus Labyrinth- here, Fire Emblem: Three Houses “Welcome to the Golden Deer House” video here, and a Sisilala TV episode featuring Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada – here.

● In COMG! preorders: Fire Emblem: Three Houses is at 75 pts, the Pokémon Sword/Shield Double Pack opened at 36 pts, with Sword at 26 pts and Shield below 15. This week’s charts sees GOD EATER 3 at number one with 36 pts, followed by Super Mario Maker 2 with 29. TSUTAYA rankings have Super Mario Maker 2 at one with GOD EATER 3 at number two. Yo-kai Watch 4 is third place with both.

● This week’s UK charts see Super Mario Maker 2 retain the top spot, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe still at number four, Dragon Quest Builders 2 debut at number five and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate down to number eight.

Nintendo Dream asked their readers which video game character would make the best President in a recent issue with Mario winning! Check out the full top 10 here. I hadn’t posted one of these for several months, but look out for several more over the coming weeks!