Huge Splatoon 2 Feature Coming to Weekly Famitsu

Next week’s Issue (No. 1598) of Weekly Famitsu magazine has a second anniversary feature on Splatoon 2 with 78 pages of coverage on the eve of Final Fest including developer interviews, illustrations from renowned manga artists, and an Off the Hook cover! Weekly Famitsu is out on 18 July in Japan. Buy physical copies here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off all orders of physical items above $20. Teaser scans added below…

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  1. Is that issue number correct? Famitsu 1598 is already listed on Play Asia’s page and Splatoon doesn’t seem to mentioned on the cover.


      1. Are you sure? Numbering inconsistency aside, the issue they listed as 1598 (which had Megido 72 on the cover) is now unavailable from Play Asia, but the surrounding issues still on the site don’t have Splatoon on their covers either. The Splatfest date is July 18th, which is the date of their 1598 issue.


  2. I see the numbering issue now, according to Retromags that Megido 72 issue is 1596, meaning that the date for that issue will be August 1. Not exactly the “eve” of the Splatfest. I hope all the people who bought that issue got the one they wanted. 🙂


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