Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated

Nintendo have updated Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to Version 2.5.0 requiring 145.8 MB, and adding new Happy Homeroom classes, the ability to give multiple snacks to an animal at a time, a Market Box improvement, ability to favourite furniture and clothing, Shovelstrike Quarry improvements, and much more detailed below. 20 x Leaf Tickets have also been gifted to each player!

Happy Homeroom

Test your interior design skills at Happy Homeroom!

We’ve added new normal classes all the way through class 11-8!

Also, we’ve added a new Free Class feature! Once per day, you’ll be able to take an event class without using any HH Vouchers.

Note: Normal Classes are not available as Free Classes.

Bundling Snacks

Now it’s a little easier to show your appreciation for your animal friends!

By bundling snacks, you can give multiple snacks to an animal at a time!

Market Box Improvements

We’ve made improvements to the functionality and appearance of Market Boxes!

Significant Changes
· You can now check your friends’ Market Boxes from your Market Box screen.
· When you remove items for sale from your Market Box, they will be returned to your inventory.
· You can now collect your earnings all at once.
…and more!

Favourite Items

You can now register furniture and clothing as Favourite Items.

By registering items as Favorite Items, you can avoid accidentally selling them, giving them to Gulliver, or losing them. Try it out!

· Some items will automatically be registered as Favorite Items when you obtain them.
· Items that were in your inventory before this update will not be automatically registered.

Item Terminology Adjustments

The two terms “Difficulty to Obtain” (for furniture, clothing, and other items) and “Rarity” (for insects, fish, and other items) have been unified under the term “Rarity.” Along with this terminology change, we will also be adjusting the ★ ratings of furniture and clothing.

■ Affected Items
Furniture and clothing with a ★ to ★★★ rating.

Note: The following items’ ★ ratings will not be affected.
· Items obtained from fortune cookies.
· Items crafted with Leaf Tickets.

Note: This will not impact the attainability rate for items or the method of obtaining items.

Changes to Item Sales Prices

Items with the same number of ★s will have the same sales price, and you will receive more Bells when you sell them.

Shovelstrike Quarry Updates

Shovelstrike Quarry has been updated.

· It is now easier to choose gyroidite as a reward during the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt.
· The amount of times you can use Leaf Tickets to enter Shovelstrike Quarry per day has been increased to three times.
· You will now receive friend powder x 1 as a reward for helping your friends.
· The amount of times you can enter Shovelstrike Quarry per day will reset at 6:00 a.m.
· You can receive rewards for helping up to ten times per day.
· The next Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt is scheduled for mid-July.

Additional Changes

· It is now easier to unlock special episodes. As long as you have the required furniture, you do not need to invite animals in order to see special episodes.
· Until now, if you had more than the maximum allowed craft materials, seeds, or plants, the extra portion would be sent to your mailbox or automatically thrown away. Now, they will be automatically converted into Bells.
· There are three new king-sized fish that you can catch.
· We have adjusted the appearance rates of some fish and insects.
· We have adjusted some catch rates for throw nets and honey. For details, please check the catch rates under Details before using throw nets or honey.
· Other adjustments.

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