Thursday Update:Nintendo Still Developing Quality of Life, Acknowledge Switch Mini Rumours, Plus Much More News!

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The big news today came from the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders earlier today with the assumed dead QOL (Quality of Life) project still alive and unrelated to Pokémon Sleep. Nintendo also acknowledged the Switch Mini rumours, and although non-committal, did state that they are always developing new hardware…

● In other news from the shareholders meeting, and when asked about making Nintendo 64 and GameCube software available, the company were again non-committal regarding future classic hardware but did say that the are looking to extending the Nintendo Switch Online service [to other platforms]. One of the other noteworthy items is that Nintendo Switch now has 23 million sellers if including third-party releases.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now out on the Japanese Switch eShop and will be at retail in a few hours. Check out this week’s Famitsu ad here.

● The ¥3,000 coupon campaign for Nintendo Switch started today where all new consoles come with a ¥3,000 ($28) voucher which can be used to download Nintendo Switch software etc.

● Check out the artwork for Min Min as the newly crowned ARMS Party Crash Bash champion here.

● The Splatocalypse Gear (Fierce Fishskull, Jetflame Crest, Eye of Justice, and Hivemind Antenna) is now available for Splatoon 2 along with voting for the Final Fest.

● Level-5 updated Yo-kai Watch 4 to Version 1.1.1 fixing an auto-saving issue in the third chapter after completing the Midnight’s Letter quest. Players also receive a 1-Star Coin and two x Crank-a-Kai.

● Compile Heart announced that the RPG Arc of Alchemist will also be coming to Nintendo Switch, releasing on 10 October in Japan priced at ¥7,920 for physical and ¥7,200 for digital. Check out the promo video here.

● Arc System Works updated BLAZBLUE CENTRAL FICTION Special Edition to Version 1.01 fixing a few bugs with the original release.

● Koei Tecmo Games updated Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World to Version 1.08 adding a new event.

● Hamster announced at their 197th Arcade Archiver presentation that the 1987 Taito side-scrolling action game The Ninja Warriors will be joining its Arcade Archives line-up on the Switch eShop. Check out the trailer here.

● The Japanese release of Tiny Metal Kyokou no Teikoku (TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE) has a demo available on the Japanese Switch eShop with the full game available to preload for ¥1,500 (regular price is ¥1,800) with he release date set for 11 July. Check out the new promo video here.

● Zerodiv (who are now part of City Connection) are teasing a brand new entry in the Taisen Hot Gimmick adult mahjong series.

● Devolver Digital announced that My Friend Pedro sold over 250,000 units across Switch and PC in its opening week on sale.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will see Pascal’s Crunchy Munchies garden event tomorrow. Check out the teaser image for it here.

Dragalia Lost saw The Imperial Onslaught (Shadow) double drops event where the drop rewards you can obtain from The Imperial Onslaught (Shadow) will be doubled!

Fire Emblem Heroes will see Legendary Hero – Eliwood: Blazing Knight arrive tomorrow. Check out the official artwork and introduction video here. Also coming soon is Voting Gauntlet: Headband Brawl. Today saw Summoning Focus: Voting Gauntlet (Blocks A and B) with Sue: Doe of the Plains, Olivia: Sky-High Dancer, Mia: Lady of Blades, Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle, Tibarn: Lord of the Air, Jeorge: Perfect Shot, Gray: Wry Comrade, and Barst: The Hatchet.

Pokémon GO celebrates its third anniversary with a new event tomorrow and which includes the following Shiny Alolan Pokémon: Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, and Exeggutor.

Pokémon Masters will launch this Summer. Check out more details, an animated trailer, and today’s presentation here.

● In other news from the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, there were two new proposals. The first was Distribution of Surplus, where the year-end dividends for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 were decided to be 640 yen per share. The second proposal was the Election of Five Directors (excluding Directors who are Audit and Supervisory Committee Members). These directors were Shuntaro Furukawa, Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinya Takahashi, Ko Shiota, and Satoru Shibata. Both proposals were successful.

● Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc., and Game Freak Co., Ltd. applied for seven Pokémon related trademarks with 悪, 炎, 鋼, 水, 草, 超, and 闘, all related to tasing cards. Check out an example application here.

● Check out week’s Nintendo-only Famitsu software and hardware charts with new entries for both Yo-kai Watch 4 (at number one) and Summer Pockets (at number 12) here. I’ve queued this week’s Famitsu Most Wanted too (with a brand new number one!).

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased by +1,130 (2.95%) in Japan today to close trading for the day at 39,380.00 JPY and are now back around the levels they were at before the big post-E3 drop.

● Two JRPGS were dated for Nintendo Switch in the west for 29 October with Disgaea 4 Complete+ and the newly announced Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

● Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest XI team are recruiting for a new Dragon Quest HD title which is assumably Dragon Quest XII. The full translation will soon be posted here.

● Episodes 1-5 of Yoiko playing Super Mario Maker 2 here. Enter 6MX-KJ2-Q9G in Super Mario Maker 2 to play the Yoiko course!

● The introduction video for SEGA AGES Space Harrier here.

● A Yo-kai Watch 4 Hayakuchi music video here with an MP3 link at the post!

Capcom‘s adult masterpiece series line-up video here.

● The Japanese launch trailer for Devil May Cry here.

● An introduction video for The Alliance Alive HD Remastered here.

● Introduction videos for 200 metres individual medley and Soccer in Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game here.

● The Japanese trailer for Raiden V Director’s Cut here.

● The opening movie for Kangokutou Mary Skelter 2 for Nintendo Switch here.

● Luigi’s nightmare trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3 here.

● An introduction video for Yuyoko Saigyouji in Touhou Sky Arena: Gensokyo Kuusen Hime -MATSURI-CLIMAX here.

● The seventh gameplay video for Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu here.

● The third feature demo for Spice and Wolf VR here.

● Today’s two hour GOD EATER 3 livestream here.

● The fourth short promo video for Yuusha Yamada-Kun here.

● A gameplay video for Shadow Corridor here.

● A gameplay video for PixARK here.

● The fourth “speedway” gameplay episode of Dragon Quest Builders 2 here.

● The seventh tutorial video for Dragalia Lost here.

● And the latest Virus Vid for Dr. Mario World here.

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