Friday Update:World Hobby Fair Preview With Yokai Watch, Pokémon, Mario, Luigi, Puzzle & Dragons, And Much More!

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● With E3 2019 now in the past, the latest event to look forward to is the World Hobby Fair Summer ’19 at Makuhari Messe on 29-30 June. Both Nintendo and Bandai Namco have revealed their line-ups, Level-5 will be showcasing Yokai Watch 4 but not Inazuma Eleven Ares, and GungHo will debut Puzzle & Dragons GOLD. The other big news is the latest information on Pokémon Sword/Shield will be shared!

● Nintendo’s line-up at World Hobby Fair Summer ’19 includes Super Mario Maker 2 (with both a competition for primary school students and a course creating contest), Luigi’s Mansion 3 (which will only be playable in a pair), and TETRIS 99. Check out the sticker and original note for visitors at this post. The Bandai Namco Entertainment line-up includes three unreleased titles with the sandbox RPG Ninja Box, the fishing game Tsuri Spirits Nintendo Switch Version and the puzzle game Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. Check out the full list of gifts for visitors including a Ninja Box-designed Nintendo Switch console at this post.

● This weekend’s in-game events include the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Return to Koholint spirit event featuring Link’s Awakening spirits (check out the full list -with images- at this post), the grand finale of the ARMS Party Crash Bash tournament with Min Min vs Ninjara, and the penultimate Splatoon 2 Splatfest with the “do you like pineapple with your sweet and sour pork” theme.

● The Japanese release of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will now likely release in early September with Game Source Entertainment publishing the packaged version priced at ¥5,918. The Steam version is out in Japan on 18 June.

● GungHo Online Entertainment opened up the teaser website for Puzzle & Dragons GOLD at’s still no release date for the game.

● DeepSilver updated the Shenmue III website saying “Currently there are no plans to release the Switch version.”

● SmileBoom updated Puchikon 4 SmileBASIC (Petit Computer 4) to Version 4.0.2 with a number of bug fixes (check out the full patch notes here).

Slay the Spire opened at number one on the Nintendo Switch eShop charts in Japan. Check out the full top 10 (plus the 3DS charts) at this post.

● Also check out the full list of eShop sales in Japan here with 50 new titles added including 75% off WWE 2K and 50% off L.A. Noire.

● Tomorrow will see the first Bug Off bug-catching event of the year in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw Stella’s Sleepy Cookie arrive. Check out the introduction video, full list of items, and special memory starring Stella, Moe, and Mira at this post.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw 12 Sword Art Quests for Heroes with the sword weapon type. Rewards include Orbs, Arena Medals, or Universal Crystals.

● Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak applied for an Illustration Lab trademark in Japan today under the Japanese word イラストラボ. Check out the purposes of the trademark and the actual application at this post.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased by +180 (0.48%) in Japan today after their recent post-E3 losses to close trading for the week at 37,570.00 JPY.

● Four Japanese TV commercials featuring Bakarhythm, Nicole Fujita, and Taiiku Okazaki, and an introduction video for Super Mario Maker 2 here.

● The Japanese launch trailer for Cadence of Hyrule:Crypt of the NecroDancer feat. Zelda no Densetsu here.

● Nintendo of America commercials for Nintendo Switch “For Your Favorite Player 2” here and “For the Dads” here.

● The opening movie for Omega Labyrinth Life here.

● A third promo movie, web animation, and TV commercial for Ninja Box here.

● The third introduction movie to Phantasy Star Online EPISODE6 here.

● The character trailer for Sukhaya Shuka in Jinrui no Minasama he here.

● The 9th “Gunvolt Information Station” livestream for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX here.

● And the 5th instructional movie and 10th episode of Radio Garden, both for Dragalia Lost here and here.

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