Friday Update:Super Smash Bros. Ultimate VR Mode Released, 18 Games At Indie World Presentation, Plus Much More News!

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● Nintendo updated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Version 3.1.0 where you can use the Toy-Con VR Goggles to experience single-player offline Smash in VR mode! Check out the full patch notes and a trailer for the new VR mode at this post. The Super Smash Sisters spirit event is also now live. Check out artwork for Peachette, Pyra, Mecha-Fiora, Mythra, and Krystal, and the full list of available spirits at this post.

● Nintendo’s Indie World presentation today featured 18 games (10 unreleased) with Cadence of Hyrule:Crypt of the NecroDancer feat. Zelda no Densetsu confirmed for June, along with localisations for Conduct TOGETHER! and My Friend Pedro. Heave Ho, To The Moon, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, and Graveyard Keeper were all announced for Summer. Coffee Talk was announced for Fall. And ABZÛ was announced for 2019. Check out the full list and video here.

● Takara Tomy Arts rounded up the Zoids Wild: King of Blast DLC with Gusok (also spelled as Gusock) arriving in late June. Check out all other five characters and the trailer for Gusok here.

● Nintendo updated the game system section of the Japanese Fire Emblem Fuuka Setsugetsu (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) website.

● DANGEN Entertainment announced their BitSummit 7 Spirits line-up with new Nintendo Switch announcements in the adventure RPG Bug Fables, the platformer Smelter, the metroidvania Lore Finder, the strategy game Tactical Galactical, and the shoot ’em up Devil Engine Ignition! Check out the full details and screenshots at this post.

● Room6 announced the 8-bit style open world RPG Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop world-wide next week (06 June) priced at ¥1,000/$9.99. Japanese trailer posted here.

● Onion Games also announced that the roguelite RPG Yuusha Yamada-Kun (Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada -) on the Switch eShop world-wide on 27 June. Japanese and English trailers posted here.

● Chorus Worldwide announced the roguelike adventure game Vambrace: Cold Soul will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Japan on 29 August priced at ¥2,980. Only the PS4 version will be physical.

Just Shapes & Beats received a free Just Shovels & Knights (Shovel Knight) update today along with a new Hardcore mode. Video of the former here and the latter here.

● Check out this week’s Nintendo eShop charts with Minecraft still number one and biohazard 4 opening at number two here.

Pokémon Ultra Sun Moon players will no longer be able to get Roto Boost items from vending machines in Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores in Japan from 30 June 2019.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw both Gracie’s Haute Hello garden event and the Feather Fantasia seasonal event begin. Check out everything you need to know at both events at this post. Colton’s Gilded Cookie will also be available tomorrow. Check out the full list of items and a trailer at this post.

Dragalia Lost saw the new Echoes of Antiquity raid event and Summon Showcase: Ambitions in Bloom both begin. Check out the featured adventurer, dragon, and a trailer here. New wyrmprints were also added to the Treasure Trade for wyrmprints lineup.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Summoning Focus: Voting Gauntlet featuring Deirdre: Lady of the Forest, Sigurd: Holy Knight, Karla: Sword Vassal, and Quan: Luminous Lancer, and a new Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus.

Pokémon GO will drop Apple Watch support from 01 July 2019.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased by +300 (0.78%) in Japan today to close trading for the week at 38,700 JPY.

● Incidentally, there are 140,000 songs in Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch and more than 100,000 songs in Nintendo × JOYSOUND Wii Karaoke U.

● Check out this week’s Nintendo LINE account update with images of Tsuyu (Japan’s rainy season) and some new smartphone wallpaper here.

● New promo videos and TV commercials for Doraemon Nobita no Bokujou Monogatari (Doraemon Story of Seasons) here.

● Japanese TV commercial for GOD EATER 3 here.

● The first promo video for Omega Labyrinth Life here.

● Nintendo Switch store trailer for VA-11 Hall-A here.

● A Bandai Namco Entertainment interview video for Digimon Survive with some new gameplay footage here.

● Character trailer for Kashi Nagasato in Jinrui no Minasama he here.

● A shorter version of the Dragon’s Dogma:Dark Arisen launch trailer here.

● Four DLC costume videos for Shingeki no Kyojin 2 -Final Battle- here.

● Introduction video part 2 of the Phantasy Star Online 2 EPISODE6 large update here.

● New trailers for Bug Fables, Minoria, Helvetii, Smelter, and Devil Engine Ignition also added to our Dangen post.

● And episode 8 of Dragalia Lost Radio Garden here.

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