Summon Showcase, Eastern Emissaries

The Eastern Emissaries summon showcase will become available after the maintenance on 20 May 2019 in Dragalia Lost, and will once again feature limited-time adventurers and dragons who will also have a boosted appearance rate! Get a closer look at some of the featured limited-time adventurers and dragons below…

Featured adventurer: Ieyasu


The head of one of the Twelve Wyrmclans who rule the island nation of Hinomoto. He represents the boar, and formed a pact with the dragon Marishiten. Though a master swordsman, he has a soft heart and despises war in all its forms.

Featured dragon: Marishiten


One of the twelve great dragons that serve Amaterasu. Warlike and possessed of prodigious strength, she is revered amongst warriors as an icon of certain victory. In a cuter touch, she has a number of little boars that follow her around.

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