The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Post

Welcome to our live coverage of the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct where I’ll be covering the Japanese feed. All we know thus far is it will be approximately 15 minutes in length. Global times are 15:00 PT, 18:00 ET, 23:00 BST, 00:00 CET, and 07:00 JST. You can watch via YouTube, niconico, or in English.

● It begins! The game features Course IDs in order to share. Slopes and gentler slopes are featured for the first time. Angry Sun, Snake Block, and ON/OFF Switch are other new additions.

● Co-op Making to build levels together. Fire-breathing Red Yoshis! Story Mode! TOADS! More than 100 courses in Story Mode.

● New course themes (Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky) and sounds. New Moon icon to turn day into night.

● Super Mario 3D World game style adds plenty of new features including Cat Mario. A new Koopa Troopa Car is added!

● Share courses in Course World and create your own Maker Profile. Multiplayer Versus and Co-op – both locally and online.

● Nintendo Catalog Ticket promotion announced for Nintendo Switch Online members and Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational announced for 08 June at E3.

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