A Platinum Showcase Is Now Live!

The Platinum Showcase is now live in Dragalia Lost and is a limited-time summon showcase that works similar to a tenfold summon, in that one summon will get you 10 results. The difference between a regular tenfold summon and this Platinum Showcase is that a 5★ dragon is guaranteed to appear.

During the period, players are limited to doing the 5★ dragon guaranteed Platinum Showcase summon only once, and these summons can only be performed with diamantium (purchase required).

Note: The pool for this showcase includes limited-time 5★ adventurers Marth, Fjorm, and Veronica, but they are not guaranteed summons for this showcase. Featured dragons detailed below…


The fire-wielding gatekeeper of the underworld. A free spirit, she often shirks her work in favor of play. The sentient, puppet-like dogs on her hands are called Coco and Mimi, and their intelligence allows them to speak and attack on their own.


A motherly dragon living a quiet life in the forest. She has been warming the same egg for many hundreds of years, eagerly awaiting the first signs of hatching. To threaten her egg is to incur both a dragon’s and a mother’s wrath.

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