Monday Update:Reggie Retires, Mario Tennis Aces Updated, NCL Shares Surge, Plus Much More News!

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● Today is the final day for Reggie Fils-Aimé as President and COO of Nintendo of America. Tomorrow will see Doug Bowser take over. Reggie has also joined Twitter @Reggie

● Nintendo updated Mario Tennis Aces to Version 3.0.0 adding the new new Ring Shot mode, the return of the Co-op Challenge Yoshi’s Ring Shot mode, a new opening movie in Adventure mode, a new Ace ranking, and more. Check out the videos (and new coloured Yoshis!) at this post.

● Square Enix said that OCTOPATH TRAVELER will be updated on 07 June to support Simplified and Traditional Chinese language support.

● Mechanica defeated Dr. Coyle 53%-47% in the latest ARMS Party Crash Bash tournament match. The semi-finals will see Twintelle vs. Min Min and Ninjara vs. Mechanica.

● Check out new artwork for Yokai Watch 4: Bokura ha Onaji Sora wo Miageteiru at this post.

● Konami have opened up the official website for Jikkyuu Powerful Pro Yakyuu.

● A Famitsu livestream for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes revealed new T-shirts from both Dragon’s Dogma:Dark Arisen and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

● KANAME announced the single-player action shooting game ALPHA for release on the Nintendo Switch eShop later this week (18 April) priced at just ¥480/$5.00. Check out the announcement trailer here.

● Orenda will be the new publishers for Little Triangle in Japan from 01 May. Mechanic Arms are the current publishers (up to midnight on 30 April).

● UNTIES will update Gensokyo Defenders on 25 April with free DLC, adding new stages, traps and playable characters. The game also releases on Steam on the same date.

Kimi no Machi Portia (My Time at Portia) launched on the Japanese Switch eShop along with a day one patch to improve loading times.

● All three Danball Senki titles Danball Senki Baku Boost (LBX: Little Battlers eXperience), Danball Senki W Chou Custom, and Danball Senki Wars are currently half-price on the Japanese 3DS eShop until 08 May, priced at ¥2,561, ¥2,057, and ¥2,262 respectively.

● Pre-registration is now open for Grand Conquests in Fire Emblem Heroes which begins on Wednesday (17 April). This time the battlefield is the continent of Ylisse from Fire Emblem Awakening with a three-army battle between Chrom, Lucina, and Robin.

● In COMG! rankings this week: EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: IRON RAIN was number one with 99 pts, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster opened at number three with 28 pts, and Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit managed just 15 pts (both SKUs are listed separately). TSUTAYA also has Earth Defense Force on top with Final Fantasy X/X-2 at number four. Again, Labo SKUs are split (and barely make the top 10). GEO has the same number one with Final Fantasy X and Nintendo Labo at numbers three and four respectively – the Labo split is approximately 6:4 for the more expensive version.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased by +630 (1.87%) in Japan today to close trading for the day at 34,280 JPY. This is the highest level of 2019!

Capcom UK teased a new game related announcement for tomorrow (16 April) at 15:00 BST/16:00 CET. Edit: Nintendo Life report that it’s a “a two-player arcade stick packed with classic Capcom arcade games”.

● Mind announced some Super Mario Bros. golf sets (buy them here).

● Japanese TV commercial for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Legacy of the Duelist:Link Evolution here.

● Gameplay trailer for Cytus α (Cytus Alpha) here.

● Dengeki promo video for Rain City here.

● Thanks to Naruki and Miketendo for their help today!

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