Fire Emblem Heroes Update Live

Nintendo have updated the Fire Emblem Heroes game to Version 3.4.0 which requires 90.4 MB (plus 98.1 MB in-app update) and adds the new Aether Resort mode and Pair Up function. More details added below…

  • The new Aether Resort mode has been added, offering new ways to interact with Heroes.

  • The new Pair Up function has been added, allowing certain Legendary Heroes to deploy paired with another Hero.

  • The Heroes who can appear at 5-star rarity have been adjusted for summoning events featuring Heroes from this version on. For details, please see the in-game notification.

Aether Resort Has Been Added 

Now you can invite Heroes who are allied with you or your friends to enjoy your Aether Keep and let them interact with each other in the new mode, Aether Resort! Save up special points called R&R Affinity to build structures, and then check out the activities Heroes enjoy inside those structures.

What’s more, you will receive Aether Stones based on how much R&R Affinity you use!

Pair Up Has Been Added

Heroes with the Pair Up ability can use the Pair Up feature, which allows them to deploy as a pair with another Hero in certain modes.

From now on, new Legendary Heroes will have the Pair Up ability. Furthermore, Roy: Blazing Lion, who is already available, gained the Pair Up ability when Ver. 3.4.0 was released.

Legendary Heroes with the Pair Up ability can deploy with another Hero as a pair in the Main Story, Paralogues, and Training Tower. Once deployed, the paired Heroes can switch who is in the lead at any time. Heroes can switch even after they have acted, so you can make use of new tactics, like changing to a Hero with weapon- triangle advantage when a vulnerable enemy draws near.

What’s more, paired Heroes will boost each other’s stats, making it easier to direct the flow of battle in your favour.

New Weapon Skills and Weapons to Refine

The following Heroes can learn these new character-specific weapon skills at 5★:

Bull Blade 

Hero who can learn this skill: Cain: The Bull 

Hana’s Katana 

Hero who can learn this skill: Hana: Focused Samurai 

Panther Lance 

Hero who can learn this skill: Abel: The Panther 

Peri’s Lance 

Hero who can learn this skill: Peri: Playful Slayer

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