Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated

Nintendo have updated Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to Version 2.3.0 requiring 143.9 MB (plus a 66 MB in-app update) adding the Reissue Crafting feature and much more detailed below. Each player has also received 20 x Leaf Tickets!

  • Added the Reissue Crafting feature. 

  • Added the Let’s go! button to notifications.

  • Increased the max capacity for collected items.

  • Adjusted on-screen display.

  • Other bug fixes.

Reissue Crafting

Items from previous events can be yours with Reissue Crafting!

The first round of craftable Reissue items will be available starting tomorrow.

Powered-Up Notifications

At the bottom of some notifications, there will now be a Let’s go! button. When you press it, it will take you directly to the fortune cookie shop or the recreation spot relevant to the notification!

Note: There will be notifications that do not have the Let’s go! button.

Gulliver Gets Streamlined

Giving furniture to Gulliver is now faster and easier!

Nintendo are also looking into other ways to streamline the game for future updates!

Collected-Item Inventory Increase

Your max inventory space for collected items will increase after reaching certain levels. It can also be increased with Leaf Tickets!

■ Max Inventory Space from Leveling Up

250 items → 300 items

Your max inventory space will increase by 10 at each of the following levels:

· Lv. 40

· Lv. 45

· Lv. 50

· Lv. 55

· Lv. 60

Note: If you are already leveled past any of the levels above, the inventory space of the levels you’ve already reached will be automatically given to you.

■ Max Inventory Space from Leaf Tickets

500 items → 700 items

More Updates

· You can now put multiple rugs in your camper!

· You can now favourite limited-time craft items.

Note: Once the availability period ends for an item, it will automatically be removed from your favourites.

Other Adjustments

· Adjusted some of the content of Gulliver’s souvenirs.

· Adjusted the number of points you get from choosing “What’s the Latest?” or “Let’s talk.” dialogue options in the cabin.

· Other screen display changes.

· Some item names have changed.

· The categories for the following furniture have changed:



Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

· Issue where lost items would remain in your inventory.

· Issue where, when you were at the point when leveling up would not unlock any new animals, when you did level up, an erroneous message saying “More animals added to your contacts!” may have appeared.

· Other display issues.

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