Fire Emblem Heroes × Dragalia Lost

Nintendo/Cygames have updated Dragalia Lost to Version 1.6.0 requiring 3.5 GB on iOS (plus a 23.16 MB in-app update). You will now be able to equip a second wyrmprint, the game has also added co-op room conditions, you can trade for insufficient materials on the spot, change the game speed at the click of a button, added a damage source display, new Void enemies in Void Battles, a new dragon in Advance Dragon Trials, plus much more.

A Dragalia Digest presentation hosted by Notte was also released with a Six Month Anniversary Bonus, a Twitter promotion, and other Six Month Anniversary Promotions. A second Gala Dragalia arrives on 27 March with Ranzal (Gala Version), a Dream Summon Special also for 27 March, plus a Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event coming soon which will feature Fire Emblem Heroes characters. Japanese and English Digest videos added below…

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