New Void Battle Enemies

New Void enemies have been added to Void Battles in Dragalia Lost. You can craft new weapons using the materials obtained by defeating the newly added Void enemies. Additionally, the Silver Fafnir dragon will be added to the Void Battles Treasure Trade. Furthermore, Limited Void Battle Endeavors will be available until 31 March. Also today is the Summon Showcase, Water’s Blessing (full details here) and a six-month anniversary countdown bonus. New Void enemies pictured below…

Blazing Ghost (Flame)

A tricky and powerful enemy protected by its Ranged Resistance ability!

Frost Hermit (Water)

A powerful foe that duplicates itself with its Propagation ability! Watch out for its area-of-effect attack, which inflicts Bog!

Obsidian Golem (Shadow)

Watch out for its Dull ability (which greatly decreases strength), and the poison affliction!

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