Tlicolity Eyes And More Announced For Switch

Idea Factory have announced three more visual novel games for Nintendo Switch with the Frontier Works ‘triAngle PROJECT’ consisting of Tlicolity Eyes -Twinkle Snowtime- releasing on 18 July, Katakoi Contrast -Collection of Branch- releasing on 22 August, and Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of MUSK~ for 19 September. More information is expected in this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu. Introduction video added below…

Edit 1: opening movies for Tlicolity Eyes and promo movie also added.

Edit 2: opening movies for Katakoi Contrast and promo video also added.

Edit 3: promo video from Otomate Party 2019 also added.

Edit 4: six gameplay videos for Tlicolity Eyes and three opening movies for Jakou no Lyla.

Edit 5: promo video for Trap of MUSK also added.

Edit 6: six gameplay videos for Katakoi Contrast also added.

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