Pokémon Sword/Shield Starter Trademarks UPDATED

Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Co., Ltd., and Game Freak Inc. have applied for trademark in Japan for the new Pokémon Sword/Shield starters with サルノリSARUNORI (Grookey), ヒバニーHIBANNY (Scorbunny), and メッソンMESSON (Sobble) for a huge number of purposes including those related to videogames, merchandising, and events. Actual trademarks added below.

Edit: Nintendo Co., Ltd. have also applied for all three starters in English (GROOKEY/SCORBUNNY/SOBBLE) and in Chinese (敲音猴/淚眼蜥/炎兔兒). Again, trademarks added below…

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