Fishing Tourney #12: Super Mario

A Super Mario themed fishing tourney has begun in Saltwater Shores in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where Chip is searching for Cheep Cheep, Eep Cheep, Blooper, and Cheep Chomp! Catch and give them to him, in return for an in-game trophy and other prizes, including items from the previous Super Mario crossover. More details added below…

All-new items include 8-bit fortress, 8-bit Goal Pole, Cheep Chomp balloon, Blooper balloon, Cheep Cheep balloon, Eep Cheep balloon, Red Shell, and Yoshi’s egg.

Great news for campers who love fishing! After you get the gold fish trophy, there will be more prizes lined up. This time they’re 8-bit Goal Pole, ? Block, Block, and floating Block!

If you rent the golden rod from Chip, you’ll catch two tourney fish each time, so long as tourney fish are available to be caught. Talk to Chip if you want to land more tourney fish!

You can catch many tourney fish at once by using tourney throw nets!

During this event, you can catch special tourney fish at Saltwater Shores. You can use these fish to complete tasks in the Fishing Tourney!

You’ll recognize a tourney fish by its sparkling shadow in the water. When you see one, try to catch it!

After you catch some tourney fish, bring them to Chip and he’ll measure them for you.

If you reach a total-size goal, Chip will give you a reward!

When you reach certain total-size goals, the rank of your trophy will increase. If you increase your trophy’s rank to gold fish trophy, you’ll have a special conversation with Chip.

A Mario outfit is also free for every player today!

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